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Supermemo for Chinese

I need to use Supermemo for all the Chinese stuff, pinyin, radicals and characters, otherwise it would kill me soon. I had Supermemo 8 and it did fine for the last 10 years or so, but Chinese was too much for it. SM8 can handle just plain text Ascii components. Even Russian was a problem already for all its cyrillic fonts, leave aside Chinese writing.

I thought the newer version will do and I visited Empik and asked them to find me a Supermemo-powered language course. What kind of course? Any course will do. I knew they sell such courses and you can just throw away the course and keep Supermemo, and it will work as a standard stand-alone version. It took them 15 minutes to find it, German mini-conversations, on the bottom shelf. Supermemo seemed like some secret code, hidden away from the public.

German conversations went to the trashcan immediately and I ended up with “Multimedia Supermemo”. Even though name sounded nice, soon I found out that in fact it was not the best version. Not even much better than my previous one, and buggy too. You can compare different versions of Supermemo for yourself here.

In the end, I could type Chinese characters in the RTF component all right, but it seemed that only one such component got stored, no matter how many items I created. Multimedia Supermemo was a waste of money as a result, but not much of it, 20 PLN.

However, at least I knew then that Supermemo 2004 was the best of all Supermemos around and after short hesitation I bought it online here. 39$.

It requires a password to unlock it and register, and I do hope to obtain the password tomorrow, but in the meantime the application will work for some time even without it. It installed quickly, and I launched it. (read more…)

A tribute to Supermemo

SupermemoI’ve been using Supermemo for close to 1o years now. Can’t think of any other program even close to that.

Supermemo is based on a scientific theory of how human memory works. Basing on that theory a method was created, which allows predicting when the once memorized item will reach the stage when it is likely to be forgotten. (read more…)