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Steve Jobs’s hidden corporate strategy

Businessweek suspects Steve Jobs of a hidden agenda, aimed at getting into corporations.

Hints: iPhone functionalities aimed at corporates, co-existence of Windows and OS X made as easy as ever.

Meanwhile, my Mac just changed hands in Wroclaw and is set for the final ride to Warsaw. It’s been a long journey.

Mac’s purpose is far from innocent as my corporate colleagues, knowing me, could immediately tell.

Distraction free writing

Article by Michal Szota (devoted to complaints about Apple’s Leopard) mentioned WriteRoom, word processor for Macs.

The main feature of this program is its ability to open full screen and hide all the elements except for the text itself.

I love the idea. I wanted something like this for some time already.

I think idea of removing distractions will be a big topic for the future.

Even now I would appreciate to have a magic key which would make all the clutter disappear and leave visible only the thing I am working on. Preferably, it would block alt-tab combination and require a password for coming out of the isolation.