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EU subsidies

I never liked subsidies, just from perspective of avoiding rent-seeking, but this message from PARP (agency managing subsidies at least for innovative projects) gives some rationale to this stand at last.

PARP warns companies who were granted subsidies not to change their ownership structure, because it might be interpreted as breach of subsidy contract.

There is no free lunch, except for EU subsidies

I attended a conference focused on EU programs for supporting tech innovations (programs 8.1 and 8.2).

The opportunity seems attractive enough to warrant some time to write an application… even though there might be important limitations under the surface, which I haven’t researched yet. For example, I’m not sure if ownership of the company can change during the period it receives subsidies.

So I have more paperwork to do. There is also a question if there will be time for it, because 55% of the budget was already applied for at the time of the conference (Monday).