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Perl script to migrate from SPGM to Zenphoto

I’m rather proud of myself, because, in something like two hours, I created a first perl script since, well, maybe 6 years.

The point of the script is to copy data (gallery and image description) from my current gallery called SPGM, to the new one called Zenphoto. SPGM stores data in plain text files, while ZP keeps in the database.

Got it working, and then found out that Zenphoto doesn’t integrate with wordpress so well. And that it is much less pretty inside, that I had thought. Eh.

Anyway, below is the script and some details in case someone might find it useful. (read more…)

I’m a free man [diet over]

13 days have passed and now it’s over.

The first day was most difficult, then first week was very weak, then second week was not a problem anymore.

The results: pretty impressive.

Now I need to keep certain standards to retain them.

Diet: quick wins

Most of my friends seem to think that the Copenhagen diet I chose is moronic. On top of that I really feel useless because there is no energy in the menu.

But here are some positives of the diet:

  • I actually enjoy most of the stuff in the diet so I will keep on eating these things
  • One day I had to eat a single toast… so I bought a toster! It’s fantastic and huge extension to all future breakfeasts
  • I used my oven for the first time
  • I learn to cook new things. For example, tomorrow I will attempt to bake a fish

Add to this regained respect for myself when I finish this thing and do not die.

I’m starting a killing diet

Today I decided to give diet a try, even though maybe it’s not the best moment because I’m still a bit sick. But exercises alone do not seem to cut it.

The program for today is the following:
Breakfeast – cup of black coffee
Lunch – boiled spinach, 2 boiled eggs, 1 fresh tomato
Dinner – 1 large steak, salad with lemon

My lunch looked like this:

Lunch (diet)

Tasty no? I need to go through this anyway, because almost two years of sitting lifestyle reflected rather badly on me. I never expected it will come to this.

The most serious problem with the diet was that I have no idea how to prepare the stuff it contains. Boiled spinach? My mom tried to explain it to me but, as Matteo put it, it’s more complicated that building a power plant. Fortunately the restaurant agreed to prepare it, after some hesitation.

Philharmonic experience

On Saturday it was first time I went to Warsaw Philharmonic and now I’m hooked.

I already bought ticket for this Friday, when Mendelssohn’s violin concerto will be performed, among others. Never heard it before, but I’m in love with it and can’t wait to hear it live.

On Saturday I went with Ania, who, as it turned out, had some kind of uneasiness disorder and it was difficult for her to sit motionless for relatively long.

When we left, she commented that it must be so hard for the composers to compose these things where so many tracks are developing simultaneously and that they must had been schizophrenic in order to do that. Which in my opinion makes little sense because being schizophrenic, to me, amounts to having multiple personalities kicking in randomly, not like hearing in stereo or something.

And she heard Tolkien was schizophrenic too. Whatever.

Wroclaw to Warsaw by PKP: over 7 hours

Wow, over 6.5h schedule, while already ridiculous, is still too little for PKP, so there was additional delay of 45 minutes.

This parody of railways is a shame to this country.

Milestone reached

I used the opportunity of being whole one week in Poland in Poland to sign a notary act, and as a result, I’m now totally a real estate owner.

And today I got the internet link installed, and just now I finished playing with wifi router. It finally works my bed is now 3mbps.

So, I’m now at my own place with high speed internet around and it is kind of a breakthrough.

More changes could follow because I happen to feel recently I want some radical changes.

Google hires in Wroclaw

See here on Google Poland blog.

They say new “innovation center” is just opening.

Job list includes following positions in Wroclaw:

  • Director, Online Sales and Operations
  • IT Field Technician
  • Online Customer Support Specialist – New Graduate
  • Online Sales and Operations Coordinator (Czech/Slovak)
  • Online Sales and Operations Coordinator (German market)
  • Online Sales and Operations Coordinator (Hungarian)
  • Online Sales and Operations Coordinator (Russian)
  • Online Sales and Operations Manager
  • Team Lead, Online Sales and Operations

From the list it looks more like an operations and customer service center, with some local testing, rather than anything related to innovation. More of that in Krakow. But maybe it will change with time.

I couldn’t help but notice that there is also the following position on the list:

Emerging Markets Strategy Associate – Europe

Position based in London or Warsaw or Budapest or Istanbul or Prague.


The Emerging Markets Associate will work with the emerging markets team to lead strategic and operational initiatives that are critical to the ongoing growth of the company. Initiatives that the Associate may help drive include: projects to enter new markets; projects to implement our new sales channel strategy in those markets; and projects to build and train new teams in those new markets. The Associate’s role will be to provide the project management skills, analytic “horsepower” and business judgment to drive such initiatives.

Our ideal candidate will have demonstrated top quartile performance in a consulting, investment banking or line management role, and have graduated at or near the top of their class from a leading graduate academic institution. We are looking for self-starters who can work in a rapidly changing industry, tolerate ambiguity and demonstrate problem-solving leadership with limited oversight. Experience in a technology-driven industry is required, and fluency in an Eastern European language is required.

Sounds like interesting job indeed.

Weekend time

During work days, whatever extra thing you manage to do after work seems much.

At the end of weekend, for some reason, you always look back thinking more could have been done.

Virginia killer refuses to silently go away

Cho was not meant to go away as anonymous psycho, like others before him, allowing the public to indulge in never to be verified theories about his true motives. Instead, he let us know himself rather intimately. Much more so that during his entire lifetime.

Implications of this best summarized in comment by Professor Carol Lee Saffioti, Ph.D. on Planet Blacksburg:

By plastering this young man’s face all over every medium, by giving him quasi-stardom, and announcing that this is the “largest school related massacre,” are we not immediately setting up the challenge for the next disturbed person to top it? The bar has been raised, and the next massacre is already being set in motion.

The sick content of Cho?s mind, which would be blasted to oblivion together with his brain, is now in the wild. It?s only a question of where and when the seed will rise.

What really matters

Now that I kind of committed to spend some more time in Moscow, I look back at this rather useless weekend and try to reconsider colleague’s banal reply, when I brought up afterthoughts of the recent accident. “Think about what is really important”. Not sure what is really important at the moment.

At least the weather in Moscow was better today, warm, clear sky, closer to beautiful weather in Poland that I heard about from friends.

I will go to the Russian cinema for the first time and hope that the movie will not turn out to have Russian dubbing.

Our class

Nasza klasa (“our class”) Polish social networking site meant to reunite former classmates, is getting much hype recently, judging from how many of my friends signed up.

At the moment 10 people of one of my former classes are represented, out of total of ca 30.

Thanks to the site, the 9 of them learned today that their colleague, and my co-worker, Magda, died yesterday in a car crash while driving back from her vacation.

Back in Moscow

Dunno for how long still, but starting to wonder.

Favorite Beethoven piece currently (if anything, Moscow time is about discovering Beethoven): 17th piano sonata “Der Sturm”, movement 3.

Walk in Wroclaw

Maybe it was not the best day. Weather: cold and no sun. Made buildings stand for themselves, will all the graffiti and poor design. The early capitalism plastic artifacts, like Solpols, were even more disgusting than usual. Also people, because it is Eastern, might have been subject to natural negative selection, and that’s why pedestrians on the street were the ones who have no better place to spend their time.

Regardless the reason, the city looked quite ugly and the encounters were unpleasant. I couldn’t help but think if I wouldn’t feel better at Warsaw already, at least as far as lonely walking is concerned.


Si vis pacem, para bellum (if you want peace, prepare for war)



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