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Why is he not blogging… something must be wrong

I envy people who continue to publish on a regular basis, even in the midst of most intensive work periods.

Myself? I forget about everything else whenever I am fully dedicated to some challenging project.

Therefore blogging always turns victim of this, even though I actually very much appreciate having a record of my thoughts from the past. I would keep a record just for myself even if I wasn’t blogging.

And of course at the moment it is quite easy to forget about everything because I can fully focus on Ogito. Which by the way should have “soft launch” really really soon. I must make some break at that point.

Yesterday, for example, I met a colleague from Accenture with whom I had a very brief contact while still working. But it turned out she was checking my site regularly, until there were no updates for a pretty long time, so then she stopped visiting. I felt quite ashamed.

And another downside is that prolonged silence tends to give impression to people used to the updates that maybe something is going wrong and they become worried.