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Miranda Piano

Just came back home after watching Miranda Piano’s show at Teatr Studio, then some drinking and now a bit drunk eating bread with butter and salt, the only things I found in the kitchen, hopefully bread does not have mold in it, can’t see clearly in this state.

William Shanks, according to Wikipedia was a British amateur mathematician (…) famous for his calculation of pi to 707 places, accomplished in the year 1873, which, however, was only correct up to the first 527 places. This error was highlighted in 1944 by Ferguson (using a mechanical desk calculator).

William Shanks spent his life calculating constants in the mornings and then checking his calculations in the afternoons.

William Shanks wasted his life on something that a calculator can do in two seconds.

I disliked the fact that I felt treated like an enemy sitting in the audience and now, blog‘s made it clear to me that actually my feeling was correct as we, the audience, represent insensitive senseless fat asses lives that are not even self aware of this senselessness.

(existence of the blog in itself is a surprise, not bad for a “clicker hater”)

Just read more of the blog and somehow it’s easier to get the message out of it than from the play. Maybe because I read blogs everyday while watching plays, not so much.

So now I have a feeling I miss most of the meaning from the play, but it’s not my fault, hostility doesn’t help to bring message across. (just discovered: this kind of play is called a stand-up comedy and is supposed to be funny).

Concern over meaning of life gives her high ground over ones who don’t even feel the need for life to have meaning, but Miranda’s life is not much closer to having any meaning that those of the people she scorns. In fact she instinctively hates some very things that actually make sense.

Good luck with finding that one thing.