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Shopping in Ikea [economizing]

Ok so I’m not really great in cost saving, but at least I’m trying and that’s why I went to Ikea on Sunday.

Surprisingly the visit was a great success!

I covered almost all the gaps in my apartment (with a goal of making it a perfect SOHO office): sofa table, large book shelf, CD/DVD shelf, sofa lamp, paper trays, folders etc. Now sofa will become a secondary full-fledged work space. Or a chill-out space.

I’m still missing bathroom door, but this cannot be helped with Ikea.

By the way, isn’t it absurd that even though Ikea has: online directory, paper directory, transport facility – I cannot simply order stuff online? I think it is. I sent them feedback, and they replied that they are still developing.

Sadly, I cannot make myself try to familiarize with state health insurance… so I decided to prolong my corporate medicover coverage. Now I have to pay for it myself. But at least I will not have to worry about falling sick and not knowing whom to call.