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2007 was ok, but no breakthrough yet

Hey, it’s high time to do some sort of 2007 summary. Everybody else did it already. And still I need to do a new year mission statement.

Speaking of which, let’s see what I wrote one year ago:

In practical terms, pursuing some big thing is the only way of getting satisfied on that. It?s the most challenging too, but I will keep on looking.

There should be no problems in travelling and money departments. Unless there is some real disaster. I want to go sailing for the first time, but it?s purely logistical challenge.

The only thing I feel pessimistic about, as usual, is the driving licence.

Apparently I didn’t invest too much time in it. But probably it captured the most important things anyway. Here is how it really went:

  • Surely there was no problem with traveling. I spent most the year in Moscow or Kiev, with trips also to Mexico, St. Petersburg, Paris, Lviv. Nothing to complain about and in fact I was already tired of being abroad so long
  • No problems with money either and working abroad actually helps
  • I worked on one “big thing” candidate for like half a year, but after finally getting the first prototype ready, I realized the idea might not be really big. So no breakthrough. I need either more confidence in the idea or a better idea. Still I’m glad for all the things learned along the way
  • I didn’t have time for sailing and actually other than occasional horse riding didn’t do much of an activity. In the end of the year I felt for the first time in my life that I’m not as slim as I used to be. But I kicked off a killer diet and went back to an acceptable state in 13 days
  • As expected, there was no progress whatsoever about the driving license
  • There was a personal thread in my life which started casually, but then its prominence increased every month, and now it’s a mystery where it will lead

I feel 2007 can be considered either as a failure to actually reach what I wished for, or an important prelude for what is coming next (future will tell).