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Update too often, lose readers

If you read any of these guides to successful blogging, you will notice that rule no 1 is ? post short, post often. If there is no new meat on a regular basis, people will not bother to come.

It?s true to certain extent. For sure, it?s true for blogs I like most ? the more the better since I start reading with them.

But for the rest, there is a borderline. Having 30 unread items after couple of days after I subscribed, it?s just depressing. And usually out of 30, there might be just one interesting article. *unsubscribe*.

Why it?s bad to be low traffic? After all, that was rss readers were invented for.

(not that frequency of posting on this blog is overwhelming – I?m definitely on the safe side)

Update: hey, post by Torres makes me think I’m not alone in RSS overdose.