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Yet one more Chinese essential

In a shape of Wenlin software, with over 10,000 characters and ca. 200,000 words and phrases. Features I find most exciting, from what is visible in the demo, include finding all related characters, displaying order of strokes for the character, and even presenting the evolution that character went through.

But it’s quite pricey! 249$. And again no sales representative in Poland. I will wait and see after return from China.

First found at Joan Biesnecker’s. I was also surprised to find that Supermemo has apparently such a broad international following.

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  1. August 7th, 2006 | 1:08 pm

    You might want to see if you can get Wenlin for an academic discount. It’s still pricey, but a bit more manageable — $160, I think.

    Wenlin is a great tool, and if you’re planning to get seriously into chinese – particularly into a lot of modern and pre-modern texts – then there’s nothing better out there. Still, it has its drawbacks: its English-to-Chinese dictionary is small enough to not really be usable, and its Chinese dictionary, while excellent for most things, tends not to have modern terminology (e.g. “Sprite,” “FIFA,” “antialiasing,” and pretty much anything that entered usage after 1990 or so). A professor and I wrote a fairly long review of Wenlin 3.0 here – – a couple of years ago; hopefully you’ll find it helpful in deciding whether or not you really want to spend all that money on it.