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Perl script to migrate from SPGM to Zenphoto

I’m rather proud of myself, because, in something like two hours, I created a first perl script since, well, maybe 6 years.

The point of the script is to copy data (gallery and image description) from my current gallery called SPGM, to the new one called Zenphoto. SPGM stores data in plain text files, while ZP keeps in the database.

Got it working, and then found out that Zenphoto doesn’t integrate with wordpress so well. And that it is much less pretty inside, that I had thought. Eh.

Anyway, below is the script and some details in case someone might find it useful. (read more…)


More geeky stuff… (too much time on my hands to screw around with technicalities?)

I was playing with Zenphoto, and it is a heck of promise as far as a gallery script replacement for my site. I even managed to run it on this server, which was, quite as usual, quite challenging because its software is outdated.

Even mod_rewrite functionality (the one responsible for pretty urls) seems to work.

The value added to my current script is that ZP seems well written, works on the database as a decent script should work and supports comments, rewriting, and quite a few other features that I miss. It is likely that I would manage to integrate it with WordPress as well.

But a show stopper for me is lack of sub-albums support. It should be part of the next release, and hopefully it will come out soon, because the script itself is really the best I have across so far, its issues with my server notwithstanding.

Update: Judging from the author’s plans, it might take quite long before the subalbums functionality will see the daylight. But I can wait, probably. No better option on the horizon, anyway.
(weird feeling about this open source software, you peek into author’s life and discount his personal plans)