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Google hires in Wroclaw

See here on Google Poland blog.

They say new “innovation center” is just opening.

Job list includes following positions in Wroclaw:

  • Director, Online Sales and Operations
  • IT Field Technician
  • Online Customer Support Specialist – New Graduate
  • Online Sales and Operations Coordinator (Czech/Slovak)
  • Online Sales and Operations Coordinator (German market)
  • Online Sales and Operations Coordinator (Hungarian)
  • Online Sales and Operations Coordinator (Russian)
  • Online Sales and Operations Manager
  • Team Lead, Online Sales and Operations

From the list it looks more like an operations and customer service center, with some local testing, rather than anything related to innovation. More of that in Krakow. But maybe it will change with time.

I couldn’t help but notice that there is also the following position on the list:

Emerging Markets Strategy Associate – Europe

Position based in London or Warsaw or Budapest or Istanbul or Prague.


The Emerging Markets Associate will work with the emerging markets team to lead strategic and operational initiatives that are critical to the ongoing growth of the company. Initiatives that the Associate may help drive include: projects to enter new markets; projects to implement our new sales channel strategy in those markets; and projects to build and train new teams in those new markets. The Associate’s role will be to provide the project management skills, analytic “horsepower” and business judgment to drive such initiatives.

Our ideal candidate will have demonstrated top quartile performance in a consulting, investment banking or line management role, and have graduated at or near the top of their class from a leading graduate academic institution. We are looking for self-starters who can work in a rapidly changing industry, tolerate ambiguity and demonstrate problem-solving leadership with limited oversight. Experience in a technology-driven industry is required, and fluency in an Eastern European language is required.

Sounds like interesting job indeed.

Expo 2012 in Wroclaw: when we will know

After winning rights to host football championships in 2012, it would be just too perfect if we won also Expo 2012 in Wroclaw. The city would simply rocket. It’s quite hot already. If we won, even I would consider going back to work there.

Today I wanted to check when the decision is due.

According to Wroclaw?s expo site, delegates of the Bureau of International Expositions will vote in December. I?m counting on a nice Christmas gift.

DaimlerChrysler fiasco: Wroclaw to blame

At least according Washington Post article by Warren Brown:

Wroclaw, Poland This capital town of Poland’s southwestern province of Lower Silesia is one of the reasons the troubled nine-year relationship between America’s Chrysler Group and Germany’s Daimler-Benz , known as DaimlerChrysler during the years of merger, eventually fell apart.

It seems an improbable claim to make on a sunny spring weekend with crowds ambling through the picturesque Market Square in the old commercial district of Wroclaw.

My home city was chosen as an example of place with cheap labor, where all sensible car manufactures are migrating, causing demise of American companies like Chrysler. Article quotes unemployment figure of 18% in 2006. That might have changed a bit recently, though.

Walk in Wroclaw

Maybe it was not the best day. Weather: cold and no sun. Made buildings stand for themselves, will all the graffiti and poor design. The early capitalism plastic artifacts, like Solpols, were even more disgusting than usual. Also people, because it is Eastern, might have been subject to natural negative selection, and that’s why pedestrians on the street were the ones who have no better place to spend their time.

Regardless the reason, the city looked quite ugly and the encounters were unpleasant. I couldn’t help but think if I wouldn’t feel better at Warsaw already, at least as far as lonely walking is concerned.