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City shops my data around as if there was no tomorrow

About a week ago I made the first step to formally become an entrepreneur – I went to the municipal authority of Warsaw (my district, actually) and applied for registration.

This was the first and only place that got the tip of this development, but I already received an unsolicited (but personalized with the data I gave to the office) offer from ING SME banking, and another from an accounting office.

Authority apparently has quite a liberal policy of sharing official information.

Krakow wants to earn more than Warsaw

This according to the news from job market in Gazeta Wyborcza. Warsaw, on the other hand, came us unexpected second in salary expectations.

Another article provides some logic for optimism in Krakow. Thousand of jobs apparently wait for the unemployed, who are scarce, because unemployment in Krakow is the lowest in Poland, at merely 5.3%, compared 14.4% for the country.

Morning rush

Thursday morning, ascending from the subway.

Warsaw subway, Swietokrzyska

Time to start work.

SGH has a new pink building

It’s a shame but only today I noticed, from the taxi, that the Warsaw School of Economics has finished its new building on Madalinskiego street. Looks impressive!

Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) new building on Madalinskiego street in Warsaw

Now I know where all this money I paid for being late with master thesis ended up.

Sushi incident

In how many ways can you screw sushi delivery? One of the Warsaw restaurants, Sushi 77 from Zelazna 41, is determined to find out.

Count to three

Sushi 77 gets into trouble whenever your order exceeds two sets. With three sets, there is 90% probability that you will receive only two soy sauces. You would expect that it would help if after couple of such cases you specifically demanded ex ante that they make sure about that, but you would be wrong.

Still, nothing compared to ordering even more sets – things are getting out of control then. Yesterday when we ordered 6 sets, we received 6 sets, 5 soy sauces and 0 sticks. On the second try to deliver 6 missing sticks and one sauce, the driver appeared with 5 sticks and, for some reason, 4 sauces, reaching required number of 6 sticks only after the third and final round.

Six sigma excellence

Jack Welch would find Sushi 77 to be an attentive listener to his six sigma preaching – one inconsistent product per 3 millions and all this stuff. We are still figuring out how to prevent octopus (no one likes it) from randomly appearing in our orders. According to the menu, it is not a part of the pieces we ask for, but it matters little. Composition of ?standard? sets seems quite flexible.

Streamlined invoicing

We order from a lot of places, but Sushi 77 is the only one not able to attach the invoice to the delivery ? instead, it is supposed to be sent by mail within a couple of days. It never is. I have a dedicated spreadsheet for tracking invoices flow. Average delay for booking invoice is one month.

Final verdict

Basing on the available evidences we can conclude that Sushi 77 has one of the worst, if not the worst, service in Warsaw.

Nevertheless, we are still ordering tons of food from them.

Others providers have sometimes faster delivery, often worse-tasting sushi, and always at least twice as high prices. It seems that if you have a good product and good pricing, you can fail in almost everything else. And with this optimistic conclusion I will leave you, thank you for your attention.

Le Madame closed

Bailiff hired by the city eventually managed to close down Le Madame club, just couple of weeks after I visited it for one and only time. The club gave stage to various forms of alternative culture and alternative thinking, and authorities disliked both.

Le Madame, Warsaw

These couple of pictures we took suddenly turned historical.

Google to build research lab in Poland

Gazeta Wyborcza reports that Google Poland is looking for a manager of the research and development center it allegedly plans to open. Worldwide Google has 12 such centers, including 3 in Europe, located in London, Dublin and Zurich.

Most likely locations include Warsaw and Cracow, due to their academic potential.

The other side of Warsaw: Praga South

Discussion with a friend, focused on real estate opportunities, inspired me to discover the city on the other side of the river, the city which, during my six years of living in Warsaw, I hardly ever visited. So, I went on a discovery mission.

Across the river there are two districts called Praga, a northern and a southern one. Perhaps it was not a perfect choice, but I started with Praga South (map courtesy Wikipedia):

Warsaw districts, from Wikipedia

Praga South contains a section that I already know, kind of, which is called Saska Kepa – this one I skipped this time. Saska Kepa is nowadays regarded as a prestigious villa area, even if a lot of buildings are neglected, often still in hands of the old people without means to renovate them.

In order to get to know the rest of the district, I decided to take Grochowska street, follow it to Wiatraczna roundabout, then come back to the bridge with Washington alley. I got out of the tram and Grochowska started:

Warsaw Praga Grochowska

(read more…)

Looking for fresh blood – case study at SGH

Case studyLast Wednesday was the day when I could finally see the show I was preparing for the whole week going live. Not only see, but rather perform part of it.

Actually, we had a kind of pilot day before, but three people that you know are different than an audience of 35. SGH audience especially, even if it’s my university after all.

What a relief to have it done. I’m not a natural presenter and you never know if you didn’t make some mistake with numbers when you generate some complicated scenario. So there was some nervousness because of this, but in the end, everything went fine. I would even say flawlessly.

And the feedback was also awesome- 100% participants think the case was well prepared. Most want to work for us after the case. And, well, one person definitely doesn’t want to work for us after the case. Overall, high grades in all areas.

It turned out the students appreciated our experiment to give a kind of “lecture” part before actual case study work. The idea was to pass on some knowledge and methodology that we normally use, so they can feel how the real work looks like. We thought there is a risk that they would be bored, but they weren’t. Feedback show they appreciated learning something they didn’t know.

Do they agree that they saw how consultants work? Now they don’t. They think it’s much more difficult than that. One more proof that SGH guys are smart:)

In line with company’s tradition, every relevant partner was soon informed about this newest business consulting success story and lots of appreciative patting on the back followed.

Drinking beer with students

Lolek pub, Accenture beerLolek pub quickly got full with people interested in careers in our company (hopefully) and free beer (certainly). I for one obtained two contacts to potential Russian teachers, so the event was productive at least from my perspective. I should probably say that it was good to drink beer with students again… still I don’t feel very different from them in the first place.

My only regret would be that a certain girl I met on the work fairs day before did not manage to get listed, for she was the only one who knew exactly what she wanted to do in her job. No such job probably exists, sadly, but I managed to get her interested in working for us instead – my greatest recruitment success so far.