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Pleasure of waiting

Tomorrow I receive HIV test results. Yesterday my blood sample was taken. Safe to say blood sampling is in the top 10 of the things I hate most.

Added. In case you wonder, the reason for the examination was Russian visa, as opposed to anything connected with Simon Mol’s case. Let me tell you this, even if you are sure, you are never sure (think hospitals, hair dressers..). So there was one good news today.

All the women of Simon Mol

Simon Mol (Simon Moleke Njie), an exile from Cameroon, was accused of knowingly infecting his sexual partners with HIV and arrested. He is a writer, poet, and creator of an Migrator Theater. He lives in Poland since 1999.

His relations included young women fascinated by his poetry and human rights campaigns. Some of them allegedly informed him about the disease after learning that they were infected: African kind of a virus, with a very aggressive profile. Pharmaceuticals had to be used months after the infection, while normally it takes couple of years before it is necessary.

Gazeta Wyborcza:

Monika O., literature student who met with Simon Mol 11 months earlier, contacted the police in November this year.

– I was attracted by journalism, I wanted to write about Migrator Theater – she describes. – I was fascinated by human rights activist fighting with racial stereotypes. Soon we started to meet, went to bed. I didn’t suspect that he could infect me with HIV virus and even less, hide from me that he is infected. I also thought that suspecting him of being infected would equal giving way to stereotypes. Thus we made love unprotected.

Simon Mol on his web page:

Of Life & Death

Life, Death, Life.
Light, Darkness, Light, Darkness;
Light, Life?
Nothing Can Stop Nature.
Not even Nature Itself.

Maybe it’s immoral to feel for those affected (exact number unknown) more than for anonymous millions who die in Africa, but I do. They seem young and idealistic types who fell pray to a ruthless abuser. We emphasize empathize (thx Michal:) with ones that we identify ourselves with, I know. (read more…)