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Philharmonic experience

On Saturday it was first time I went to Warsaw Philharmonic and now I’m hooked.

I already bought ticket for this Friday, when Mendelssohn’s violin concerto will be performed, among others. Never heard it before, but I’m in love with it and can’t wait to hear it live.

On Saturday I went with Ania, who, as it turned out, had some kind of uneasiness disorder and it was difficult for her to sit motionless for relatively long.

When we left, she commented that it must be so hard for the composers to compose these things where so many tracks are developing simultaneously and that they must had been schizophrenic in order to do that. Which in my opinion makes little sense because being schizophrenic, to me, amounts to having multiple personalities kicking in randomly, not like hearing in stereo or something.

And she heard Tolkien was schizophrenic too. Whatever.

How many Radioheads it takes to bury recording industry?

For years, record labels have been busy fighting file sharing on the Internet. This activity gave them a good excuse not to bother with changing their obsolete business model. Today, however, Radiohead’s move to release their new album on “pay as much you like” basis may indicate that it will be top bands, not pirates, who will bury the labels.

Label business model is the following: revenues from top bands allows them to invest in promotion of the new ones, in hope that some of them will eventually reach the top, too.

Now, though, top band can itself distribute its music on the Internet at marginal cost. Why share profit with label, then?

Problem with bands is that, in contrast to the customers, they actually own the music, so there is no option to sue them.

Enough top bands head to the doors, record industry model collapses.

Back in Moscow

Dunno for how long still, but starting to wonder.

Favorite Beethoven piece currently (if anything, Moscow time is about discovering Beethoven): 17th piano sonata “Der Sturm”, movement 3.

Music wants to be free

Apple did it again. Reached agreement with EMI and will offer its music library unprotected (and higher quality, though more expensive) in May. So in the end I finally might buy something from iTunes, since EMI’s portfolio seems to include also Radiohead.

It’s just funny how Apple is able to leave Microsoft far behind on every turn. First with its closely guarded DRM castle, now, when Microsoft copied its approach (poorly), it comes out of the castle and scores as a digital freedom fighter. Microsoft, following Mini-microsoft description, like a “lumbering idiot”.

Still, already 6 years into digital XXI century, and still the only idea to get more songs of Budapest Klezmer Band seems to go to Budapest and buy some CDs.

The only time when I can listed new stuff on my ipod

Is when my hands are not free and I cannot skip tracks.

Sad, this inertia.


In here for good. And the real winter just started. Our fearless leader, as some called him, got stucked till tomorrow; even though it’s actually because of weather in Warsaw I believe.

Rammstein Moskau:


???, ???, ???!


??????? ??? ????,
????? ?????? ????.

Now there will more time to visit the most beautiful city of the world.

Lyrics don’t matter

…when listening to Sigur Ros.

Famously all of the lyrics on ( ) are sung in vonlenska (also known as Hopelandic), nonsensical vocalisations which resemble the sound of the Icelandic language. It has also been said that the listener is supposed to interpret their own meanings of the lyrics which can then be written in the blank pages in the album booklet.

Genre according to Wikipedia: “post-rock”.

“Good song to take drugs to”

At last, someone put it on Youtube.

Death in Vegas, Dirge

Death in Vegas – Dirge.