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I’m a free man [diet over]

13 days have passed and now it’s over.

The first day was most difficult, then first week was very weak, then second week was not a problem anymore.

The results: pretty impressive.

Now I need to keep certain standards to retain them.

Diet: quick wins

Most of my friends seem to think that the Copenhagen diet I chose is moronic. On top of that I really feel useless because there is no energy in the menu.

But here are some positives of the diet:

  • I actually enjoy most of the stuff in the diet so I will keep on eating these things
  • One day I had to eat a single toast… so I bought a toster! It’s fantastic and huge extension to all future breakfeasts
  • I used my oven for the first time
  • I learn to cook new things. For example, tomorrow I will attempt to bake a fish

Add to this regained respect for myself when I finish this thing and do not die.

I’m starting a killing diet

Today I decided to give diet a try, even though maybe it’s not the best moment because I’m still a bit sick. But exercises alone do not seem to cut it.

The program for today is the following:
Breakfeast – cup of black coffee
Lunch – boiled spinach, 2 boiled eggs, 1 fresh tomato
Dinner – 1 large steak, salad with lemon

My lunch looked like this:

Lunch (diet)

Tasty no? I need to go through this anyway, because almost two years of sitting lifestyle reflected rather badly on me. I never expected it will come to this.

The most serious problem with the diet was that I have no idea how to prepare the stuff it contains. Boiled spinach? My mom tried to explain it to me but, as Matteo put it, it’s more complicated that building a power plant. Fortunately the restaurant agreed to prepare it, after some hesitation.