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In talent we trust

I owe to Steve Shu for the opportunity to read (only now) this interesting essay by Malcolm Gladwell about talent mind-set in the context of Enron situation:

Of particular interest, for me, the research showing pitfalls of basing one’s confidence in his intelligence instead of in his persistence and efforts.

Then, as could be expected, smart people vs smart organization issue.

I found accidentally that the essay even ended up as an example for analysis of good writing.

How do you make money on Web2.0?

Now, that?s a promising headline.

My original inspiration was zeevveez’s post ?How to Make Money off Open Source or off Web 2.0??.

His article goes in the direction rather unexpected from the title. Nonetheless, it reminded me of my master thesis, where I was investigating how open source companies make money and how differently from the ones based on the commercial software. I was using Microsoft and Red Hat as case study subjects.

David J. Teece created a framework helpful to understand how companies make profit out of their innovations. Below a quick description of the model and then a trial run against commercial the software industry, the open source companies, and, to justify the title, the Web2.0 companies. (read more…)

Blink’s story of a missed opportunity

Thanks to Otis I read another interesting failure story.

Blink, a social bookmarking site, had the idea and the money to become what is now – back in 1999. Yet, they missed the opportunity.

Some observations after reading:

  • Knowing what works today, it’s easy to forget that there had been hundred of ways to do it wrong
  • Particular details can drag the implementation off the right course, even if the idea in general is right on target

The comments to the article give some more reasons for the final outcome, including lack of development focus and too early timing for the social bookmarking idea to gain foothold (though it seems that Blink managed to acquire more clients that has now).

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