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Social bookmarking: an uncharted territory

CmaptoolsSocial bookmarking subject provides a good opportunity to introduce concept mapping as a tool that you can use when making first steps in an uncharted territory of knowledge.

Instead of trying to describe the approach, I will take you through my concept map of social bookmarking. Should you wish to try yourself afterwards, you will find suitable links at the bottom of this post.

Below is the concept map that I drew for the social bookmarking topic: (read more…)

Disassembling the blogosphere

If you are as new to the subject of blogging as me and trying to get some first insight, you might find this post useful.

After spending some time on looking around and reading various bits about the blogosphere, I looked back at what I was actually trying to find and created an issue tree. Let me present:

Blogosphere issue tree

Now, this may not be the most perfect issue tree around. The main question is not exactly laser focused. And there are no hypotheses. Some areas may not be there, since I consider them out of my scope at the moment.

Still, it works for me. I can use it to see what areas I already know something about and which may be still worth further examination. It can also serve as an agenda for some more writing, with focus on a selected components of the big picture. And I can always refine it while moving on. For now I?m happy with what I?ve got. But, if you have any issues with my issue tree, I will be glad to know your comments.

Let?s see what?s inside the boxes. (read more…)

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