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We have the first independent e-prescription service

During the pandemic patients are relying on tele-consultations with doctors and as a result, they get a lot of e-prescriptions.

Without the printout, this might mean that all the patient knows about his e-prescription is a 4-digit code.

So far, one could check such e-prescription contents only by going to an actual pharmacy or by activating the online patient account with government, which many patients haven’t done.

But now one can also check e-prescription with GdziePoLek, as we started the service with the first partner:

E-recepta (e-prescription)

It took us as quite a while because of security precautions. 4-digit PIN coupled personal ID, which can often be found online, is not very safe. Security threshold to check e-prescription with just PIN is therefore quite high, as one must verify ownership of his ID number first.

Bar codes from prescription printouts can be scanned without such formalities though.