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Trend watching: John Hagel

I wanted to mention John Hagel’s post a few days ago, but couldn’t find time till now. He presents agenda for the new year, mentioning couple of things which might be inspiring.

Increasing value of deeper relationships, against the background of social “transactions” dominating the Internet.

Diminishing value of advertising. “Longer-term, I anticipate that most businesses online will have to make money the old fashioned way ? by offering products, services and experiences so valuable that people will actually pay money for them.”

Increasing value of leadership. “In times of great uncertainty and rapid change, unprecedented opportunities arise to shape our environments to create even more value. Shaping requires deep insight into the fundamental forces at work and powerful personalities to communicate conviction and persuade many who are on the sidelines that the rewards outweigh the risks.”


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  1. January 19th, 2008 | 9:17 pm

    […] Hagel, which I quoted recently, anticipates fall of advertising returns and rise of places where people actually pay for products […]