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Education in Poland found better than in the UK

At least based on one small case study of a Polish boy, who after two years at British school, choose to return to Lodz. Average in Poland, he was considered a genius among UK peers and got tired of being “dumbed down”. Reported in Daily Mail.

I would have never expected that Polish education system would serve as a benchmark for any other country. But take one of the commenters in Daily Mail:

I’ve been teaching English in Poland for nearly 11 years now and can attest to the high standard of education here. My students know more about British history than I do and they’ve also read more of the British classics than I have. The system isn’t perfect – if cheating was an Olympic sport they’d take gold, silver and bronze – but it’s streaks ahead of the British system.

After school here kids don’t go home and veg out in front of the TV, they get extra lessons in English, French, or German, or in the run up to their “Matura” (high school leaving certificate) they can be found at the weekend getting private lessons in the sciences just so they can be sure of doing well and going on to the university of their choice.

Additionally, there are bilingual schools where pupils study the whole curriculum in French or English, or in some schools that aren’t completely bilingual, they offer certain classes, i.e. physics, in English. Can you imagine such a thing in the UK?

What’s best with it is that it’s totally true. Yet in Poland we’ve been complaining about education for ages.