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Poland votes

While two years ago there was a feeling of indifference to the elections, today there is a feeling of a quiet mobilization.

There were emails and then smses from friends, urging to go and vote.

And at the election office, when I at last found it today, there was a queue of people (voting today reminds me that I am officially citizen of Warsaw for two weeks already…)

It would be interesting how these feelings translate into the turnout number. At the moment it is known that at 10:30, 8.36% showed up, compared to 6.76% two years ago. Then, it’s almost 24% more. Since two years ago final turnout was 41%, if I remember correctly, I would bet today it should be something like 51%. Nevertheless I would hope for 55% or more.

Update: according to survey of 16:30, turnout is 28% higher than last time. Consequently final target would be 53%. Still not bad.

Update: 21:15. Gosh what a mess with the elections! But a smashing hit nevertheless! And I was correct about turnout in the morning, it is above 55%, a record result. Voting cards ran out. Some people abroad were not registered. Elections fail to close since 8pm and commission was delaying the closing every 20 minutes, but last time they said they cannot say when they will finally close. Till then, no surveys.

Update: 21:30. Delay till at least 23:00 because of screw-ups in Warsaw, where they ran out of cards and had to prolong voting. Guy from the election commission seemed already at the edge when he was trying to excuse this mess.

Update: 22:55. Results are out.