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Empik vs Merlin

Note: this is about Polish online retailers.

I traditionally shop online at Merlin, but in this case, PJ Harvey’s “To bring you my love”, Merlin estimated delivery time for 20-40 days, so I decided to give Empik a try. said dispatch will take place in 3-5 days. I placed an order.

After 10 days, all I got was an email from Empik that they couldn’t complete the order for the lack of stock. But on the website they still advertise 3-5 days.

Ok, back to Merlin (I can wait after all). I placed an order.

After 6 days I got an email that delivery is ready for pickup.

Conclusion: hard to draw conclusion based on one case, but I expect no shopping in Empik for foreseeable future, or before they control their stock better.

Update: ok maybe it’s not one case after all, see for example here and here.


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