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The Witcher

I didn’t expect to be inspired today, but I was, and the reason is a game called the Witcher. I’m inspired by things that happen in Poland that have the potential to break through and be successful not only domestically, but also globally. We need more of this kind of things (and I plan eventually to create one myself).

Witcher is considered to be the Polish most successful fantasy novel (a series of novels in fact). Also personally, I think it’s a world class writing. Not sure how it translates to English though. But for sure it is a killing in Eastern Europe, because even my Russian colleagues knew it.

Nevertheless, attempts to transfer the story into movie format have been embarrassing failures. Low budget crap you better avoid watching, not spoil the feeling of book.

But now, Atari is developing a game together with CD Projekt, and, to me at least, the preview feels spectacular. See here for trailer. And here for some gameplay.

Start of the preview summarizes key success factors of the Witcher:

  • Blood and gore
  • Partial nudity (this should in fact not be partial but maybe they had to tune down)
  • Strong language
  • Strong sexual content
  • Violence

Only for adults.

The premiere is on 26th of October.

Let’s hope for something like the Russian “Nightguard” kind of success.