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Web 2.0 too bright?

I’m just doing some digging related to site layouts, and stumbled upon the amusing story of redesign of the local newspaper’s web page. As a result of the operation, the web page became perfectly 2.0: blue on white, lots spacing and sans-serif fonts. And users revolted.

Newspaper is Lawrence Journal-World, online at Unfortunately there is no old layout available for reference.

The comments, on the other hand, are here.

What users didn’t like most?

Most surprising, how many disliked (increased) amount of white space. “It’s like starting at the light bulb”, one commenter wrote. Now that I read it, I see some point in it. White might not be easy on eyes. There must be some research on it, good thing to check in some free time.

Also, white and blue design is found amateurish and boring by some.

Other people find text difficult to read. If the font is really without serifs it is not so surprising.

By the way, as for other findings, I don’t think you can go more Web 2.0 than

PS. I must also quote this comment by prairie_girl:

I don’t care for the new design?.I can?t find a thing. Had to do a search just to find the obituaries?.how am I supposed to know if I died or not if I can’t find it? Also can’t find the daily record to see if I was arrested either. The old front page was much better with the column on the left.

Now I feel that I’m missing all the “local media” experience. Must try and find some local media when I’m back in Warsaw.