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Driving to airport in St Pet

My driver is related to owner of the hostel. He is finishing his studies. We talk politics all way. In Russian, which is a bit challenging.

– I took part in the demonstration first of May, you know

– What were you demonstrating for?

– For improving workers rights

– Do you think your rights need improvement?

Then some discussion about state of worker?s rights.

– My institute is one of the most politically active in Russia. Current FSB chief is our graduate.

And he mentions second important guy that I forgot. But not Putin I think.

– And also Dudaev.

– What, Dudaev also graduated your university?

– No, we helped to kill Dudaev.

Russians could not trace Dudaev?s phone, because his conversations were too short. But one guy from the Institute developed an improved algorithm, and they traced him and bombed him.

– The guy then moved to work at FSB. I think he works there still.

– In Poland there are not so many secret services, you know. Of course some exists, but I never knew anyone working for them, like you do

– The services of Poland are very active. Poland is geopolitically very active.

Maybe our foreign policy is underestimated at home. It seems appreciated in the East.