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No need for vision to get rich

Gazeta Wyborcza published an interview with Tad Witkowicz, one of the richest Polish immigrants (worth estimated USD 250m).

In your life, did you follow the golden rules from the various business gurus?

– Yes and no. Such advice is sometimes a trap. When I was bracing for launching my first company, I was reading a ton of books about business, tutorials, memories of the famous managers. And I was becoming more and more frustrated. Everyone wrote that you need to have a grand, breakthrough vision, which you follow consequently.

While I never had any vision. I thought – damn, from the start I’m probably doomed for failure.

So what did you do, without this vision?

– Some time ago Ray Strata, the founder of a known technology company Analog Devices, told me: “Do not believe in what they write. Later, while writing a book, it is easy to attach impressive vision to the memories and even believe in it. But in the beginning, a normal person doesn’t have any grand visions.”