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Linkedin launches “answers” service

Linkedin opened a “Q&A” feature. I think it might breathe more life into the service, which I’m probably not alone to consider underused.

Now you can ask a question to the network (all network or just your connections), and people can answer it, either in private or publically. In the latter case anyone can browse the answers, which are often interesting.

Consider, for example, question “As an entrepreneur or small business owner, what is your biggest fear?” – here (I’m not sure how linking works and if you need to be logged in to access the question).

Inevitably, some answers feel more like a sale pitch. Another question: What is the best way to do market research in an industry where a) it is a new field and you know many people are building plans to do something similar b) protect your business idea and model ANy ideas most welcome, Thanks Johann. I decided to answer. High level and two-liner, but at least unbiased:)