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Pictures of China

I sorted, described and published the pictures from China, and you can find them HERE.

Kunming kids

Above is one of my favorite pictures, of two Kunming kids in the university area. Below some others that I like.

In front of the temple in Hong Kong with Shirley.

Temple in Hong Kong

Beverage peddler on the Moon Hill in Guanxi.

Moon Hill, beverage peddler

River in Yangshuo.


Bird in the Kunming temple.

Bird in Kunming temple

Kids in Kunming.

Kids in Kunming

Sari, enlightment in the Bamboo Temple.

Sari, Bamboo Temple

Kunming temple.

Kunming temple

Trekking the Tiger’s leaping gorge.

Tiger's leaping gorge

Eating snails in Lijiang.

Eating snails in Lijiang

Xi’an, terra cotta army facing a tourist army.

Xian terra cotta army

View on Tiananmen square in Beijing, the last stop before flying home.

Tiananmen gate

See more in the gallery.