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Spreading the word

As an input to my ongoing considerations about benefits from writing this blog – which I am hardly writing recently due to lack of time – I’ve recently discovered that people actually use it to check out what I’m doing, and sometimes get back to me if they find it interesting. At least Jacek did when he learned that I’m going to learn Chinese.

To make it more general – there are few more important things in making progress with anything than making it clear to people around where are you heading and what you are passionate about. The message travels fast across the social networks and often, in a totally unexpected way, someone appears out of nowhere and offers help or advise.

It’s natural and reciprocal. I always forward stuff or extend help to people who I know are passionate about something. I never forward anything nor, to be honest, care much about people who are passionate about nothing.

So, to get you updated on the things I am trying to do at this very moment:)

1) Design my apartment in a Japanese style (but no sleeping on the floor)

2) Find a virtual project space, with file storage, wiki & blog possibly included.