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New York encounters

To start with something profound, the best thing about the trip to the US were not the buildings and the museums, but rather the people that I had the opportunity to meet. From the very start I was planning to meet –


– right after I published the pictures I received complaint from him that he is nowhere to be seen. So I make up for this below.

New York, Jacek

I met Jacek when we were going to the same class in the high school – i.e. before I skipped the year and had a different class:) Jacek chose technical studies, then moved to the US to study some more, and then decided that he wants to work in business. It was long way, but now he works for Deloitte.

I was considering whether it would make sense at some point of time to work in the US. Jacek was pondering whether it made sense for him to go to the US, if guys working in Poland, like myself, seem to make out quite well and can even afford to come and hang around as tourists.

In the first hostel I was staying I met


She works during the day, then in the evening she is a hostess, then she works some more during the weekend. All this to pay for the studies in Amsterdam.

I was impressed with Justyna, maybe we will have a chance to meet in Poland.

And then, everywhere you can meet some friendly people, like

The Chinese shopkeeper

Every morning in NY I visited a shop next to the subway station to buy my breakfeast, namely three bananas and a can of coke. Then I discussed with the Chinese lady the plan for the day. My days in NY always had a good start thanks to her.

Not to mention…

…guys from Israel, Paolo from Portugal, the Navy veteran, African lady in the subway…


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