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Microsoft’s “experience” strategy

It’s either because I didn’t think about it, because I didn’t care, or simply because Mike’s Torres post does such a good job in explaining it, that only today I started to appreciate the grand idea of Microsoft’s “experience” (emphasis mine):

It isn’t about Windows Vista vs. Mac OS X or Google vs. Windows Live. It’s ultimately about the digital lifestyle and convergence. It’s about the complete “stack” from your PC to your mobile device, television, the web, and beyond.

The thing is: Windows isn’t just a PC operating system anymore; it’s quickly becoming the best seamless end-to-end experience. Windows Vista, Windows Mobile, Xbox 360 (Windows Media Center Extender), and Windows Live. One without the other will work just fine, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

It isn’t about the web any more than it’s about the office… or the mobile device… or the living room. The key is to make it all work together like magic. And Microsoft, more than any other company in existence, is in a fantastic position to do this.

And why shouldn’t be Microsoft pursuing this “experience” strategy. Like Google, which started online, then moved to desktop, and then started to put itself on the mobiles. Like Apple, with its “iPod lifestyle” environment.

However, while the other guys can leverage on the reputation based on simple and elegant solutions which “just work” and try to stretch them further, Microsoft might have more difficult time trying to convince people that experience with Windows is the one they want to see extended.