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Nokia 6230i: good phone, awkward mp3 player

It?s been almost a week since I have a new toy, Nokia 6230i, which replaced my old mobile. The latter was Nokia 3210, which got into so desperate shape that my colleagues started to hint that it became a shame of a phone. So I got myself a new one.

I?m not a gadget maniac, but when I eventually get my hands on a new gadget, I tend to play with it a lot. And so far I like my new Nokia:

Nokia 6230i

At the very start I took a look at Motorola’s RAZR, but then decided to stick with Nokia; clamshells don’t look durable.

Then, having set on the brand, I was considering buying the cheapest model – looks the same for me, and I don’t care much about phone anyway – but then I thought that I could find the phone to be used as an audio player as well, in order to economize on number of devices I have to carry around. That was the reasoning behind choosing 6230i.

After I added 512mb MMC memory card, the device looks like a worthy audio player, at least from a hardware point of view. In practice, it’s less impressive – it takes ages to transfer files through infrared, then the software makes it difficult to navigate the files on the road. There are two music players on the phone, and both are crappy.

Then again, as they told me in the Nokia’s shop, “it’s because it’s a phone!”, and that’s true; even though it’s a poor excuse for an unhandy UI.

Nokia 6230i

So, as for the phone itself, all the functions I would expect, and some more, are provided. Battery has a long life, unless I listen extensively to the radio, which is more of a “killer application” for me than the audio player.

Not an iPod replacement, this one. But still a good universal phone, with possibility to listen to the Russian audio lessons from time to time.