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Consulting failure story

I take a temporary break from web2.0 buzz and return to my quiet consulting niche for a moment.

I must confess I have always enjoyed reading about failures. If it is possible to learn anything from experience of someone else, I feel it’s much more likely to be the case with failures than with success stories.

Unfortunately, success stories are what the world is all about nowadays. As a result, interesting failure stories are difficult to find. Perhaps it’s just a matter of a temporary trend, as Tom Peters suggests in this interview.

Nevertheless, I have one failure story for today. What’s interesting about it is that it’s a consulting one. You can found it at kuro5hin.

I could quote the title but it contains a name of the company, so I would rather keep it brand-neutral. I was wondering for quite long if it’s not a fake, but it seems genuine at least from this comment of one of the consultants involved in the project. Not surprisingly, consultant’s view on the whole thing is different than that of the author.