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Personalized Google revisited

Google's personalized homepageFinally I found something that google/ig can be useful for. I used to get by just by manually browsing Google News on my favorite subjects, but now, when I try to keep track of many individual blogs, it just doesn’t scale.

So I took another look at this personalized homepage of Google’s. I added some Google News searches, a couple of online newspapers and some blogs that I regularly read. Now it’s all there and it is automatically updating as news feeds arrive (or so I hope). In the process I found Google Reader in the Labs, which may be even better and I plan to give a try (but not today). I’m sure there are some even more refined power-reading solutions, but for a while I should be fine.

Btw, it is really a shame that there is no Warsaw in the weather widget. Come on Google… even Windows Live has Warsaw in it.